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Glarysoft File Recovery

Glarysoft File Recovery is an efficient file recovery tool that can recover your lost files in just two steps: scan and recover. It can restore files from the Recycle Bin, systems-crash loss, permanent deletions, virus-caused loss, formatted drivers, and other external storage devices, such as camera memory cards. It is safe and reliable, no ads or malware, supports almost all file types, including video, audio, document, pictures, etc.

Interface Overview

Interface 1:

1. Middle area: you can select the location of the file to be restored

2. Button in the lower right corner: allows you to start the scanning function

3. Top area: you can manage license here, as well as settings, updates, and help

Interface 2:

1. The left area: allows you to further locate file according to the File Path or File Type.

2. Middle area: the scanned files are displayed here. You can filter files based on Name, Type, Size, Date Modified, etc. You can also enter keywords into the search box for precise positioning to narrow the scope of the results.

3. Right area: it allows you to preview the recoverable files in advance. Select the target file and preview the file details to confirm whether the file is what you need. The two buttons above the preview area can change the two view modes of the file.

4. The bottom progress bar: displays the remaining time of the scan progress and other information, here you can pause or stop the scan.

5. Back button: you can go back to the previous section and re-select the partition again.

6. Recover button: start the file recovery operation

How to use Glarysoft File Recovery to recover lost files?

Step 1: Download and install.

Double-click the icon to run the program.

Step 2: Scan

A: Select the hard disk of the lost data.

Support scanning FAT, NTFS, NTFS+EFS file system

B: Click "Scan". A full scan at the selected location will start. Usually, it takes a few minutes to complete. However, if there are many large files, more time is required.

C. After the scan results appear, you can filter the files based on Name, Type, Size, Date Modified time, or File Path and File Type on the left panel to narrow the results

Step 3: Preview and restore

A: Glarysoft File Recovery allows you to select the target file, and preview it in advance. And you can switch the preview format, or zoom the preview.

B: After previewing the files and confirming, check the files that need to be restored. Then directly click the "Recover" button to retrieve the lost data, and select the path to save the recovered file to complete.