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    I went into jack hammer mode and was invigorated by her vocalizations which, although incoherent, clearly signposted considerable pleasure. The small bed had a pretty unforgiving mattress, so she was really feeling the ram. I was steadily bumping her up the bed so when her head hit the small bed head at the top of the bed it gave me pause. I offered to move back but she simply spurred me on. She actually seemed to enjoy my thrusts banging the top of her head into the headboard. Whatever floats you boat I thought. It crossed my mind that a modicum of pain with her pleasure was not unwelcome https://sexchat.bar . That would have been valuable data if the unlikely opportunity of a return fixture ever presented itself. Regardless, I did not offer her any mercy in terms of my rollicking motion. Indeed, as the point of no return loomed, my efforts became even more boisterous.

    I realized with some amusement that my thrusts had become synchronized with the clock sounds. Tick in, tock out, tick in, tock out, tick in tock out. I had become metronomic! I saw her eyes flick to the clock. I too took a quick glance and saw the second hand continue its relentless advance. Only a minute remained. It spurred me to race.

    My pace doubled to a, tick in-out, tock in-out cadence. With this final flurry of forceful piston-like plunges I emptied my magazine into her. I felt pulse after pulse of my cream filling her most private purse. Another glance. I had beaten the clock.

    She wailed in my ear, at a volume that disturbed my desire to remain clandestine. If other garden ramblers were nearby that would have been alarmed by her animalistic howling. I slowly withdrew and felt my now diminished little soldier slip reluctantly from her sodden vagina. We were both still gasping for breath.

    She shuddered, scanned the clock and smiled, "Good boy. Right on time. Now let's tidy up." I stood up and she moved a little unsteadily to a credenza and produced some wet wipes which were handed to me. She went to the small attached bathroom and used its mirror to inspect the damage to her make up. "You really are naughty. With the kissing I mean. I can see that I will have to keep a close eye on you https://sexchat.bar ." She could keep anything on me if it meant I could clean out her pipes again.

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