1. Your no response policy  ·  completed

  2. More options for erasing data.

  3. More options for erasing data.  ·  completed

  4. Registry Defrag cancels out at 63%?  ·  completed

  5. Recovering data from formatted memory card.  ·  completed

  6. Be more responsive! I purchased 30 day trial. By the time I get an answer to my problem my 30 days will be up! I have written twice but n  ·  completed

  7. Slow response  ·  completed

  8. You overwrote ALL my data, trying to strongarm money out of me !  ·  completed

  9. uncheck and item on some startup programs gets "failed to set data" leaving the item in place. Can't remove it.

  10. Why do you NOT respond to inquiries sent to your support site using your form????  ·  completed

  11. My credit card was automatically charged but I have not received the license key.  ·  completed

  12. Suddenly the file encryption on Pro gives an error message. Cannot un-encrypt files. Now what?  ·  completed

  13. Add Privacy Clean-up for WeChat  ·  completed

  14. Is there any product support? I've been trying for two days to get a response!  ·  completed

  15. Perform More than Cursory Review of Suggestions, If Possible  ·  completed

  16. Šifrování  ·  completed

  17. GU Reg Repair on Vista 32b consistently becomes non-responsive at same point in scan  ·  completed

  18. Bootloop after latest update of Glary Utilities: BootDefragDriver.Sys ..  ·  completed

  19. MyCommerce Digital River will not confirm my address  ·  completed

  20. Respond to partner enquiries  ·  completed

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