How can we improve our products?

You overwrote ALL my data, trying to strongarm money out of me !

Your product OVERWROTE ALL of my data,
trying to strong-arm money out of me !

I made the mistake of trying your product,
because it SAID it was free, that's a lie...

But your "Product" ALSO cost me
the very data I NEEDED to recover !

I installed your product on another drive,
to preserve the data I urgently needed.

I ran your product,
set it to scan,
and walked away.

In my absence, it launch an internet browser,
to a severely over-coded MONEY-centric webpage !

In doing so, your product overwrote all my data !

Do you need that many friggin scripts, and third parties involved ?!

When someone runs the "Glary Undelete" software, you TRICK them, by default,
into the installation of your Utilities product line too, BAD CHOICE PEOPLE !

Your utilities product them proceeded to stick It's nose everywhere else,
and gather what I have installed, and had the nerve to try updating them !


At least you didn't automate that part,
the newer versions of these suck, BADLY !

But, It Get's Worse:
1 - You product had NOT finished scanning, hence NO recovery could have occurred yet !
2 - The instructions to turn this $-crap off are on the unwanted whore-for-money page !
Yes, unticking the box, opens a license window, you CANNOT turn it off, shitheads !

I know all this,
because I then obtained a superior product to yours, "Recuva".

Which found many more files than your product did in It's scan,
it also shows what files have overwriten any unrecoverable ones,
including the one's I NEEDED to recover !

Yep, your browser files !

Nice going assholes !

Way to score a purcha$e...

Are you listening, Faith Lee ?!

(To others reading this,
she is a third-party support voice for

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Thank you for your letter.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to understand and solve your issue, we need to ask you first a few questions:

-Which Glary Utilities version are you using?
-What is your operating system: win XP 32bit or 64bit?

Could you please explain the issue you have encountered in detail? Screenshots would also be very helpful to understand the problem at a glance.

Thanks for your cooperation and have a good day!

If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Faith Lee

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  • Sean Tracey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is the most ridiculous complaint I have seen. First, if you are seeking data recovery you don't boot into the drive. Since the program runs off the booted drive, there is no way to 'overwrite' data. Second if the data was that important you would use a different tool. Glary Utilities works good if used with common sense, clearly lacking above.

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