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avira vaccine, and est vaccine detect this file(gup5setup.exe, glary soft directory) what`s the problem? vaccine`s fault? or glary soft fault? answer please
p.s. when vaccine detect glary soft folder, did not reboot computer

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    yeon shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  AdminFaith Lee (Head of Customer Support, Glarysoft) responded  · 

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    It is a false report by Avira, and we have contacted Avira software developer to handle this issue as soon as possible.

    You can put Glary Utilities in the white list now, and try to update Avira in time.

    Thanks for your support and have a good day!


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      • Adrien Achard commented  · 

        The problem is solved or we must continue to put Glarysoft in the white list?

      • Richard Macbeth commented  · 

        This has been resolved per AppEsteem: This was a Glary Utilities problem

        Added App Type App Name Company App Version Company Contacted Company Fixed
        Fri Jan 12 2018 App Glary Utilities 5 Glarysoft Ltd Tue Feb 06 2018 Tue Feb 06 2018
        Deceptor Violations
        Certification Areas
        App Sources
        App Metadata
        Date Added: Fri Jan 12 2018
        Last Evaluation: Wed Feb 07 2018
        Evaluation Status: Deceptor:;NonCertified:5.9.2
        Vendor's First Contact: Tue Feb 06 2018
        AppEsteem's First Response: Tue Feb 06 2018
        Vendor Resolved: Tue Feb 06 2018
        Resolved Version: 5.9.2
        AV Reference: NonCertified:Win32/GlaryUtilities5
        Id: D-K7-GlaryUtilities-171020

      • Richard Macbeth commented  · 

        This is still a problem on both Avira Pro and ESET If you put Glary in whitelist for either product it will only last a few days or if you update Glary for any reason it will delete it. Your pat answer for both products is to whitelist them. This all started Jan 1, 2018, so something changed with Glary that caused this problem to happen. I can understand if this only happens with one AV product but with two well establish AV professional programs that are not connected then you need to look at the product itself as the one that is causing the issue. I have been a Glary Pro user for over 15 years and have two different accounts that have either ESET or Avira pro and both started killing GlaryUtilities pro since Jan 1, 2018. What is the problem? and can you get it fixed? I have had to remove Glary Utilities on all there and my machines due to this.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        ESET Smart Security won't even allow me to download the new version of Glary Utilities for the same reason.. You guys should contact ESET as well!

      • Cliff Powell commented  · 

        Avira flagged the Glarysoft Glary utilities update as PUA viruses, quarantined it all, and made Glary Utilities inoperative - what now?

      • Dietrich Lesser commented  · 

        I have the same problem, also the old version of Glary Utilities is deleted from the computer by Avira. I have put Glary Utilities on Aviras white list, the result is, the download did not run.

      • commented  · 

        On my computer all of Glary Utilities program files including folder were shoved to quarantine by Avira. On restart of Windows 7 there was a blue screen and Windows 7 went into a restart loop.
        Please have a look on the following Avira site:

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